Why LeapLearner


1 Million Students | 20 Countries

World’s #1 & Largest kids Coding Education Company


CSTA , USA Curriculum

Scaffolded & age appropriate Curriculum based on CSTA


Certification by ICode.org, USA

Assessment & Certification by ICode.org, Global Certification Authority CTAI*


Global Hackathons

Access to Global Competitions with Finals across Tel Aviv & San Francisco


Global BootCamps

Access to Global Collaborative Camps with children from 20 Countries


99th Percentile Teacher

Highly Selective Teacher Selection Process.

Coueses Available Online

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Block Coding

A Block Based Coding Program where Child learn commands, loops, functions, conditions while creating puzzles & games.

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Python is the simple & engaging language where children can create games and applications. It is the perfect Coding Language for young children to learn. Python is widely used for Data Sciences & Machine Learning based applications.

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App Development

Children learn how to create apps- starting with basic single screen app to complex apps; integrating different APIs & Modules.

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Robotics & AI

This program starts with Block Based Robotics for young children and gradually moves to Programmable Micro-Controller and Autonomous Robotics.

From working with Public Libraries where our Coding Programs are offered to under privileged children free of cost to working with K-12 Schools ; LeapLearner works with communities and local government bodies in Singapore to offer Coding Skills for young children.

We also offer our coding courses for ages 5-14 years through online 1-1 and Group live classes for individuals looking to offer their children future skills of Algorithmic Intelligence and Computational Thinking.

These courses are available for children aged 5-14 years across Singapore.

Online 1:1 Classes

AED 65 / hr


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Online Group Classes

AED 45 / hr


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What We Do

LeapLearner is a Learning Platform based on CSTA and is uniquely designed to engage students and teach them Computational Thinking & Algorithmic Intelligence in a fun way. We offer courses in Coding, App Development, Robotics, AI, Machine Learning & Logic for children aged 5-14 years.

Our Courses are available across the following.

  • Learning center
  • Online 1-1 live learning
  • K-12 schools
  • Home tutors

Every LeapLearner student gets the following:

  • High quality and age appropriate training in Coding, Robotics, App development, AI & Logic
  • Certificate from iCode, a USA based certifying authority in Computational Thinking.
  • Opportunities to participate in online olympiads and hackathons in Shanghai, Tel Aviv and San Francisco.

Why Learn Coding?


World Economic Forum Lists these as skills of Future. Computational Thinking – Coding & Robotics Courses help young Children acquire these skills and build strong foundation; making them ready for Jobs of Future.


Everyone should learn how to code, It teaches you how to think.


Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are likely to have a major impact on work and productivity over the next decade.


We anticipate that in the next two decades industrialized countries will have more job openings than workers to fill them, and that robotics and automation will play an increasingly crucial role in